International Mentor Program

International Mentor Program


The International Mentor Program has been in existence for four years, developed to assist young people ('mentees') aged 22-35 in Nepal and Cambodia, so they can build a bright future and learn from experienced local government professionals in Australia ('mentors'). Mentors will have the opportunity to guide, advise and give feedback to their mentee as they deliver their Mentee's Project, based on community or workplace development.
There are three locations where the International Mentor Program is run - Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and  Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Program runs from 1 July - 30 November every year.


What are the benefits for mentors?

  • Allows mentors to make a life-changing difference to a young person in Cambodia/Nepal
  • A great way to learn about a mentee's life and culture
  • Pass on some of your experience and knowedge
  • Extend your own area of interest and work outside your comfort zone
  • Help a mentee improve their English (note: all communication is in English)
  • Test yourself and assess how you operate as a mentor


What may your mentee want to discuss with you?

  • Project management
  • Business, management
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing time
  • Sharing cultures
  • How to plan for the future


What is expected of you as a mentor in the program?

  • Enthusiasm and commitment
  • Twice weekly communication with your mentee
  • Prepared to be extended and challenged
  • Get behind your mentee's Project that will help develop their community or workplace
  • Support the mentee's Personal Development through their Mentor Program Action Plan
  • The ability to be flexible
  • Ability to communicate with your mentee online - email, Skype, Facebook and/or other social media forums


Interested in applying?

If you're interested in becoming a mentor with the aim of helping less fortunate communities across the globe, then please visit our website and follow the prompts.

Please take the time to learn more about the program and then register to take part as a mentor. To gain an idea of what has been achieved in the past, simply look at the 'Past Projects' section of the website.

Following successful registration, mentors and mentees have the ability to look at all the participants, to see who might be a good fit for them. Both partners can ask to be paired with a particular mentor/mentee. 

Please note: registering using the website link will be for the 2016 program.

We thank our valued partners for our Cambodian programs

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