Aged Care

Meeting the opportunities and challenges

Aged care services benefit over one million Australians and this number will continue to grow as our population ages rapidly. The aged care industry is facing many opportunities and challenges, including rapidly increasing demand, changing patterns of disease and health issues, increased emphasis on independent living, increasing consumer expectations and decision making power, and tightening of the labour market.

Continuous improvement and innovation through employee and client engagement

Providing quality aged care with a focus on continuous improvement requires capable employees who have a strong client focus. Client facing employees can only perform effectively when they are supported by good leadership, efficient processes, a client centric culture and adequate systems and resources. 

Gathering systematic and strategic client, resident and relative feedback will assist you in improving your services, help improve quality standards and provide confidence to your executive team and board that you are understanding and meeting the needs of your clients.

How Insync can help

Insync partners with over 30 aged care and community services organisations to gather, integrate and respond to client and employee feedback.

We use a variety of approaches including surveys, interviews, focus groups and action planning. Partnering with a research organisation like Insync has many advantages: better use of your limited resources, clear and concise reporting, valid and reliable survey instruments, comparisons with other organisations and confidence in the results.

We help our aged care and community services clients address four key challenges:

  1. Understanding and meeting the needs of clients, residents and family members via voice of the client research, defining the client promise and building a client centric culture
  2. Attracting and retaining employees via employee entry and exit research, and enhancing the organisation's employee value proposition
  3. Engaging and aligning employees with the organisation's purpose via employee engagement surveys, alignment and engagement surveysresearch and action planning
  4. Ensuring sustainability via leadership team effectiveness, governance and strategy research and facilitation

Some organisations we've partnered with

Anglicare Tas       UnitingCare       Salvation Army EP       St. Vincent's Health Australia        MercyCare

Discover how Insync can make a difference your organisation

Our dedicated team is passionate about helping aged care organisations move beyond compliance and regulation towards continuous improvement and innovation.

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Delivering high quality care for older Australians

We can support you to deliver compassionate connected care and to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

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