Higher Education

Insync has partnered with most Australian Universities, a significant number of TAFEs/VETs, and a range of other adult education institutions using approaches including surveys, robust research and consulting. Our services include end-to-end survey delivery, detailed data and findings reports, benchmarking, presentation of results to your team, and focus group, action planning and culture change workshops.  Our commitment extends beyond simple measurement to deep analysis and tangible suggestions for action.

With all our tools, findings are easy to communicate and action plans are obvious. This allows you to focus on getting buy-in from key decision makers for subsequent actions.

We offer three key products in higher education:

  • Student Satisfaction Survey Now in its fifth year, Insync's Benchmark Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) provides a comprehensive set of survey benchmarks that measure the quality of universities' administrative services.  Developed closely with HoSA, the SSS is an instrument that measures student satisfaction with administrative services using a five point scale. The core, benchmarked variables cover admissions, enrolments, fees, examinations and results, and student hubs
  • Library Client Survey: Best practice libraries, including the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL), regularly use the Library Client Survey to research user's views to understand their requirements and promote continuous improvement. Our benchmarked database has over 400,000 responses and our tool is consistently reviewed for validity and reliability in what it measures. Survey results are used to improve library service and user satisfaction, support case studies to build credibility for funding and provide evidence for internal and external quality audits.
  • Employee Alignment and Engagement Survey: Insync's Alignment and Engagement Survey can help improve your organisation's effectiveness. Founded on advanced academic and statistical research, including Weiss and Molinaro's model of alignment and engagement, the survey measures eight alignment and engagement factors. These factors, proven by research to be ingredients for success, show you whether day-to-day operations are aligned with strategic goals and/or whether employees are engaged. High alignment and high engagement lead to sustainable high performance.