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Australia has a mature, sophisticated and stable financial services sector that is well positioned to take a leadership position in the Asian region.

The industry also has numerous challenges including how to increase shareholder value and profitability in an environment of:

  • increasing regulation
  • sustained low growth
  • erosion of consumer trust
  • greater competition, digital disruption and new business models including from fintech companies free from legacy systems and structures

The increasing focus on culture, and in particular the robustness of an organisation's risk culture, provides both challenges but also the opportunity to differentiate.

How Insync can help

Insync is passionate about helping financial services organisations differentiate themselves and achieve sustainable high performance.

We have partnered with dozens of financial services clients over many years to measure where they are at, where they want to go and the levers they need to pull to take them to the next level.

Our approach is evidence-based, collaborative, change-oriented and strategic. We help with:

  1. Enhancing governance including board evaluations, director effectiveness surveys, and enhancing the organisation's leadership team effectiveness
  2. Improving employee retention, alignment and engagement with our employee engagement surveys, alignment and engagement surveys, research, focus groups and action planning. We also assist clients develop their employee value proposition.
  3. Increasing customer loyalty and advocacy and helping clients become truly customer centric by developing customer value propositions and embedding Customer Advocacy Monitors into their systems, culture and DNA.
  4. Other specialist assistance including risk culture surveys, diversity surveys and advice, vison, mission and values workshops and strategy research and facilitation.

Some organisations we've partnered with

 QBE                     Suncorp                      NAB vertical                BNZ            IOOF 

Ord Minnett            KPMG             Hesta           Hostplus       Treasury Corporation Victoria

Discover how Insync can make a difference your organisation

Our dedicated and experienced financial services team offers you a true partnership approach.

Contact us today to chat about your individual needs.



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