Chartered Accountants’ Business Forum May 2013

22 March 2013

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Nicholas Barnett, CEO Insync Surveys is speaking at the Chartered Accountants' Business Forum May 2013.

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The topic, "GPS for your organisation: How to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance" looks at how company boards, CEOs and leadership teams get people to follow and believe the long term direction, purpose and values they've set. And how they are to motivate their employees to continue performing at a high level to retain them.

Based on his book "GPS for your organisation: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance", this practical session is designed to help add clarity and encouraged buy-in to an organisation's direction. He also demonstrates how to add focus and urgency to strategic and business plans.

Nicholas believes that companies veer off walls because they lack a clear sense of where they're heading. And unless you give your people a worthy goal that is greater than just increasing profits, they'll simply create their own-with no guarantee that it will aligned with that of the organisation. This is where the GPS steps in as the compass for people to follow.

The session is devoted to help people understand how they can develop, communicate and embed their own Guidance and Positioning Statements (GPS) into their organisation's plans, decisions, messaging, culture and DNA. Not only will Nicholas give the tools required to build alignment and energise employees, but he'll also help build sustainable high performance.

Sydney: 9:30-10:30am Thursday 23 May 2013
Melbourne:9-10am Friday 31 May 2013

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