Bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and loyalty

June 2012

Customer survey tin cans Are your customers satisfied? Our customer survey research suggests that the answer to this common question might be: "who cares?" Businesses are fast losing faith in customer surveys because "satisfied" customers are walking away from established relationships.

What's missing from a traditional customer survey?

Our customer survey research has discovered why customers are jumping ship and we have come up with a better way of measuring organisational success using customer research.

After an extensive review of the academic literature combined with in-house research, we built a customer survey tool that measures more than just customer satisfaction - it examines customer emotional engagement and loyalty.

About the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Insync Surveys' Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed for B2B sales and marketing managers. It helps you understand the missing link between satisfaction and the real payoffs: profit and growth.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey provides a complete picture of your customers' journey. Based on leading academic research*, our tool's framework shows how customers have experienced your services/products and developed an overall judgment. This leads to customers developing a personal relationship with you as the supplier and becoming emotionally engaged. This impacts their future buying behaviour.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey helps resolve uncertainty about:

  • customers' level of engagement
  • what customers perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses
  • account management effectiveness
  • whether your customers are satisfied, loyal and advocates
  • where customers think you need to improve
  • your customers' intentions to spend more

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Other customer survey resources

*full academic list available on request