Not just a customer survey

March 2014

Customer survey tick customer survey is a great opportunity to get closer to your customers. Not only do you get feedback, it's an excuse to get in touch with them on more than one occasion...and that's good for business. 

If you plan the process well, there is a number of touch points for communicating the customer survey including:

  1. Pre-survey communication to tell them a customer survey is coming soon
  2. The customer survey itself
  3. The "thank you" message
  4. Feedback follow up. Some negative feedback may be followed up to obtain more information as well as smoothing over the relationship with your customer.
  5. Communication to customers with promise of improvements that will be made to the business based on customer survey feedback.

Depending on your business and the customer survey method. All these communications can be through conversations with your customers, via email and/or mail.

Most importantly the business needs to deliver on their promises. Walking the talk shows the customer your commitment to them and helps to build brand trust and loyalty.

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