Keep your employee survey project on track by setting objectives

June 2012

Keep your employee survey project on track | employee survey | staff survey | employee engagement | customer survey | 360 feedback | exit interview Before you embark on your business improvement journey with an employee survey, your team and stakeholders should be clear on what your employee survey success measures are. Most people have a good idea in their minds of what success is, but to define it can be tricky.

Success can mean different things to different stakeholders in your organisation. In general, measuring success often comes back to meeting scope, time and budget objectives, but does this apply to an employee survey project?

At Insync Surveys, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve their employee survey objectives. These goals assist in decision making and action planning to improve the organisation's performance.

Outcome-focused employee survey objectives

Below are some outcome-focused employee survey objectives that may be similar to your organisation's needs:

Perform a comprehensive review of our organisation's leadership capability
We will use a 360 Feedback Survey that measures against our leadership framework so we can analyse manager performance.

Benchmark our organisation's level of employee engagement against others
We will use an employee engagement benchmark that contains comparable Australian organisations to understand how our organisation's level of employee engagement compares to the wider marketplace.

Obtain information for creating clear action plans
The employee survey results will be analysed and used to provide the basis for positive change across all departments and organisation-wide.

Create a plan for retaining key talent
As a secondary benefit to obtaining employee feedback, retaining key talent will be a focus in our action planning initiatives.

Obtain insights for organisation-wide planning
The employee survey will provide insights that feed into future planning for our organisation.

Employee survey objectives

You can also include objectives for the employee survey itself to ensure a successful project. Below are some examples:

  • Provide employees with the opportunity for feedback
  • The employee survey is to be concise, easy to answer and can be completed within 10-15 minutes
  • The employee survey will uncover perceptions of the organisation's culture and values

Get your team and stakeholders together at the beginning of your employee survey project to agree on objectives. Asking your employee survey provider to sign on to your objectives will also go a long way.

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