The difference between an employee satisfaction survey and an employee engagement survey

September 2012

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement

How do you know whether undertaking an employee satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey is right for your organisation? Below is an introduction to the differences.

Employee satisfaction

An employee satisfaction survey measures how happy an employee is. Employees can be satisfied with their job, organisation and workplace without ever being engaged in their work. This would do nothing for the customer experience. An employee satisfaction survey is therefore a range of questions regarding satisfaction with work and working conditions; these may include things such as:

  • pay and reward structures
  • how employees are managed
  • working conditions, and
  • the job itself.

It is really measuring an individual's perceptions of these parameters compared to their own expectations.

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Employee engagement

An employee engagement survey measures an individual's engagement to an organisation at an emotional, behavioural and cognitive level. Employee engagement surveys identify and measure drivers of engagement; that is, items which can be targeted for the most significant change to staff engagement levels.

Engaged employees are passionate and alive with the desire to do well, they are engaged with the corporate objectives. Engaged employees work harder, stay longer and show increased discretionary effort. It is this increased employee engagement which leads to increased organisational performance as engaged employees show greater levels of customer service and so improving the customer experience. Customers who have had a good experience become repeat customers and/or advocates for the organisation leading to increased profitability.

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