Creating a business case for an exit interview system

March 2012

In the press recently there was an article about a high profile banker who left his former employer extremely unhappy. He publically revealed negative thoughts regarding his former manager alleging he ripped off clients and mocked customers behind closed doors. Maybe if this disgruntled employee had been heard prior to departure things may have turned out differently. This is one reason why organisations need to conduct an exit interview.

How an online exit interview systems works

  • Exit interview data is aggregated - this helps to identify trends and patterns
  • Managers are removed from the exit interview process which encourages honest and robust responses, free from interpretation and interviewer bias
  • Exit interview system access is restricted, this confidentiality encourages honesty among departing employees
  • Having a central system makes data access easy with a choice of data breakdowns and reporting by demographic

Exit interview business case

Why the exit interview systems is needed


Save money by reducing staff turnover

Identify common themes
Common themes in exit interviews may prop up that need urgent attention. Issues may include staff concerns with specific personnel being repeatedly cited as reasons for leaving. Actions in these areas can help to address unwanted employee attrition. An exit interview system will then save costs related to recruitment, induction and training.

Test, measure and refine improvement initiatives

Exit interview data is updated and accessible in real-time
Trends can quickly be established for spot checks on HR initiatives such as: change of staff or location, business processes and other initiatives.

Maintain goodwill with departing staff, engagement with current staff and positive word-of-mouth

An exit interview system enables employees to air their views in a safe and confidential environment
This platform gives the HR administrator the opportunity to further debrief departing employees and assess whether it might be mutually beneficial to put systems in place to retain the individual.

Existing staff can feel secure that departing employees are airing thoughts that current employees may not feel comfortable to voice.

Save money by collating exit interview data from a range of sources in real-time

Streamline data collection
The central repository of exit interview data saves employing numerous staff operating in silos.

Inform and improve HR recruitment and induction processes

Tap into unexpected trends
If exit interviews reveal unexpected trends e.g. too much interstate travel; then this information can inform future recruitment, helping to break the costly cycle of recruitment and short lived employment.

Potentially develop or thank other staff and identify training and processes needs

Exiting staff my offer compliments
Exit interview systems can be used to give specific feedback to members of staff, or as part of a general appraisal such as 360 Degree Feedback.

Cost effective way to identify themes for staff surveys, employee engagement surveys, 360 feedback or other forms of employee and customer research

Inform other staff surveys
Organisations often dedicate large amounts of time to identifying areas for research; the exit interview portal will provide themes in real time - negating the need for focus groups and staff interviews.

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