Sample custom exit interview questions

April 2012

Having questions that apply to your organisation's unique environment helps put your Exit Interview responses into context. If you have a third party provider for your online Exit Interviews or you have you own set of questions; it's worth considering other questions to include in the standard offering.

Keeping in mind that you don't want your Exit Interview to be too long to avoid survey fatigue, though it should be comprehensive enough to cover the most important areas to your organisation or areas you would like to learn more about.

Below are some examples of custom Exit Interview questions to include in your online Exit Survey. You may also consider using these questions in your next all employee survey.

Custom Exit Interview questions

Note: The wording on these sample Exit Interview questions are designed to be answered on a rating scale.

  • Availability of training and development programs
  • All staff are/were supported to develop and reach their potential
  • I had the opportunity to be creative, innovative and try out new ideas
  • I am/was given adequate authority to carry out my job  
  • The company values promotes workplace diversity
  • The company values promotes equal opportunity
  • Ability to access flexible working arrangements
  • I am/was treated with fairness and respect
  • Coaching and guidance provided by immediate manager
  • Performance appraisal discussions with my manager were useful to my development
  • I was satisfied with the organisation's performance appraisal process and it was useful in helping me develop in my role 
  • Encouraging me to share what I have learnt with my team
  • Senior managers (i.e. CEO and General Managers) are/were visible and accessible to employees.  
  • Management communicated important information in a timely manner
  • The Executive Team encouraged innovation
  • Change being lead by senior management
  • Understanding of external customer needs
  • Using customer feedback to inform my work processes
  • The organisation's image as an employer of choice
  • The organisation's image as a market leader in <product>

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