Exit interview update: Understanding Insync Surveys’ exit interview system just got easier

August 2013

Insync Surveys' exit interview system now has a new feature, our new reasons for leaving chart.

In a snapshot our clients can immediately see why their people leave. It's all good and well having loads of exit interview data, but you want to easily decipher it and most of all know what to do about it to retain your talented employees.

To keep it simple, the summary "reasons for leaving" exit interview chart is broken down by five factors:

  1. Enrichment
  2. Home life
  3. Structural
  4. Interpersonal
  5. Environmental

For any exit interview clients who request custom questions, these are displayed as a sixth factor.

Exit interview reasons for leaving chart 

What do the exit interview factors mean?

Our years of research and exit interviews have found that people leave their jobs when one or more factors occur:

  1. Job enrichment: Their job is no longer fulfilling or stimulating
  2. Structural: They lack resources to do their job well and/or don't feel fairly rewarded
  3. Interpersonal: They don't feel strongly connected to their colleagues, manager or organisation
  4. Home life: Their life circumstances change (personal reasons, retirement, family, etc)
  5. Environmental: They are approached by other employers with a better job offer

For more information download Insync Surveys' employee Retention Review study based on our exit interview data.

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