Why Purpose Matters

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Why Purpose Matters: and how it can transform your organisation is the latest book by Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett, co-written with Rodney Howard.

The book examines the power of purpose and how organisations can transform when they embrace and bring purpose to life. It includes a "how to" guide that explains the four stages of becoming a purpose-led organisation. Nine CEOs from leading organisations also share their experiences in how they transformed their organisations through the power of purpose.

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Watch video of Carson Scott's interview with Nicholas Barnett, 28 July 2017 on Sky News

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Watch videos of the Why Purpose Matters book launch in Melbourne on 27 July 2017

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 Interview with Lesley Williams, Director of Major Street Publishing

 Interview with Christopher Kelaher, Managing Director of IOOF

 Interview with Chester Cunningham, Managing Director of Xynteo

7 Business Habits

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The latest book from Insync CEO,  Nicholas Barnett, identifies the 7 Business Habits that most differentiate high performance from low performance organisations. Adopting and sustaining the 7 Business Habits in the ways set out in this book will significantly improve your organisation's performance.

It is based on ground breaking research involving the views of over 100,000 employees from around 200 companies. The 7 Business Habits apply to all types and sizes of organisations, including public, private, government and not-for-profit entities.

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GPS for your Organisation

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Insync CEO,  Nicholas Barnett, has released a book: "GPS for your Organisation®: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance."

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager® who wrote the Foreword for  Nicholas' book said: "Thanks, Nicholas, for teaching us about the power of Guidance and Positioning Statements. With the clarity of an effective organisational GPS, we can all be more successful as leaders in creating high performing organisations."

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GPS For Your Organisation by Nicholas Barnett on Vimeo.

GPS/Mission statement consulting

Find out how we can help your organisation develop, embed and measure the effectiveness of your GPS.

Unlocking Gender Potential - A leader's handbook

Book - Unlocking potential of women

In 2008 Dr Hannah Piterman published the results of a comprehensive study, the objective of which was to explore unconscious and subtle inhibitors to the positive experience and full utilisation of women in executive and management positions.

The progression of professional women into positions of leadership has been slow. Women are finding it more difficult to rise to positions of leadership in environments that are highly male-dominated, irrespective of the sector of employment. This is despite there being a strong business case for enhancing the contribution of executive women to the achievement of organisational objectives.

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