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Team Work-Life Balance Quiz

Tipping the scales toward a healthy workplace

Decide if each of the 16 statements is true or false as it relates to you and your team. Then select the appropriate radio button below the statement.

1. My organisation has a formal work flexibility or work-life balance policy

2. Employees in our team have some degree of flexibility in choosing their start and finish times

3. My supervisor/manager is supportive of team members who need time off for family, carer or other outside commitments

4. My team values a culture of cooperation and frowns upon competitiveness among each other

5. Programs and courses that focus on employee health, psychological wellbeing and stress management are available to my team

6. My colleagues and I are able to work from home if the opportunity arises

7. My supervisor/manager judges performance on output and not just "face time"

8. Family commitments are not a barrier to career progression in my team

9. My organisation provides on-site childcare

10. My team is able to manage our workload and not work unnecessarily long hours

11. My supervisor/manager listens to me when I discuss my commitments outside of work

12. Senior managers in my organisation demonstrate work-life balance in how they operate

13. Part-time work and job sharing options are available to my team

14. My colleagues and I don't feel guilty for taking days off

15. My supervisor/manager actively promotes a balance between personal and work life

16. Diversity of knowledge, ability and experience is valued within my team