Employee survey research: The 2012 Insync Surveys Retention Review

October 2012

Retention Review 2012 cover page_exit interview

Insync Surveys has released its 2012 Retention Review. The report reveals that Australian organisations can influence and have the power to change 80% of their staff turnover.

Nicholas Barnett, Insync Surveys CEO said: "In a low growth economy, with significant pressures on organisations to increase productivity and reduce costs, extra focus on reducing staff turnover is essential."


Other key findings of the 2012 Retention Review are:

  • People still leave primarily because of the job itself, with 51% rating job enrichment as most important
  • Gen Y's top reasons for leaving are career opportunities and better job offers, while Gen X and Baby Boomers say job satisfaction is most important
  • Industry spotlight: job enrichment is the main driver for financial services and engineering employees; home life is valued most by the retail sector; and community services employees leave because of work stress and to find work-life balance
  • The growing part-time workforce grapple to find work-life balance whilst seeking career opportunities and job satisfaction

Download the 2012 Retention Review 

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