Switched on or switched off - what employee disengagement looks, feels and sounds like

July 2017

Switched on or switched off comments

It doesn't feel good to read these does it? Unfortunately, these comments were made by real employees during very real focus groups. And they typifies employee disengagement at its worst.

Insync's latest research paper Switched on or switched off reveals what some of the worst examples of employee disengagement look, feel and sound like. And it's not pretty. Everything about it feels alarming and out of place. It should make all of us very uncomfortable and determined that disengagement be stamped out.

We've paired 20 of the most negative employee comments we've heard or read over the last decade together with images to depict what employee disengagement can look, feel and sound like. We've also included 20 more positive employee comments and related images, and presented these within our RAMP framework of improving employee engagement.

Download:  Switched on or switched off research paper

View and share slides:  Switched on or switched off slidedeck

Read: Research News article featuring Insync's Switched on or switched off research (this article first appeared in the November-December 2017 edition of the Australian Market and Social Research Society's publication Research News)

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