Engaging the other half of your workforce

August 2018

Engaging the other half of your workforce

Part-time employees make up 31% of the Australian workforce, and an even bigger proportion (45%) of the 1.6 million people working in health and social assistance. Understanding how to best engage and equip PT employees to perform in their roles is critical for the effectiveness and sustainability of these sectors.

Working with many organisations in the not for profit (NFP) sector has exposed us to the challenges of engaging this vital yet varied part of the workforce.  In our most recent research paper, we analysed the results from 25 employee engagement studies conducted with NFP organisations comprising over 10,000 employees. 

Our purpose was to explore the differences in the levels of engagement between part time and full time employees. On average, part time employees feel less:

  • Inspired and connected to the organisation's vision
  • Valued by the organisation and by leaders
  • Able to develop and use their skills and talents
  • Attached to the organisation as a whole

We also look at practical ways organisations can better engage their part time staff, using our established employee engagement RAMP framework.

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