Board surveys & consulting

Our expertise
Boards can enhance their leadership, commitment to good corporate governance and accountability to shareholders by conducting independent reviews of their effectiveness. We offer a range of world-class board, committee and individual director reviews that can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Insync's expertise and experience includes carrying out and overseeing over 200 board and committee surveys and evaluations for large ASX corporations, private companies, government entities and not-for-profit organisations.

Our products
Insync's range of board surveys, research and consulting services includes:

Board Effectiveness Survey
Benchmark the effectiveness of your board against other boards' results in our database from the public, private, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Audit Committee Effectiveness Survey
Benchmark the effectiveness of your audit committee against other organisations' results in our database of over 200 board review surveys and in excess of 20 Alignment & Engagement surveys.

Risk Committee Effectiveness Survey
Measure the effectiveness of your board or management risk committee in dealing with its risk responsibilities.

Director 360 Feedback Survey 
With the support from our registered psychologists and research experts, use 360 Feedback to sensitively measure the effectiveness of individual directors in their role on your board.

Risk Survey
Risk reviews incorporating risk culture surveys, risk management effectiveness surveys, and other risk surveys and consulting customised to your unique circumstances.