Risk Survey

Insync offers a range of board, committee and individual director reviews that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Our expertise and experience includes carrying out and overseeing over 200 board and committee surveys and evaluations for large ASX corporations, private companies, government entities and not-for-profit organisations.

Risk Survey

Insync has carried out risk reviews incorporating:

  • risk culture surveys
  • risk management effectiveness surveys, and
  • a myriad of other risk surveys and consulting.

We've provided advice for large listed companies, private companies, government departments & agencies and professional firms.

We've conducted a large number of risk reviews which have incorporated, but not isolated to, the following:

  • the risk culture of the business units and risk division of a large insurance company and of a government health department
  • the risk management effectiveness of a state treasury corporation
  • a firm-wide risk management effectiveness review of an Australian "top 4" accounting firm
  • the health, safety and risk culture of a large port authority
  • the global cyber security risk review for a large mining company in relation to its process control systems
  • the effectiveness of the audit and risk committee of acredit unionfrom a risk perspective
  • the effectiveness of a "big four" bank's board risk committee
  • a bushfire risk, emergency management planning and preparedness self assessment tool for two state government departments.

In carrying out such a broad range of risk reviews, Insync has developed a suite of frameworks and survey statements, coupled with an increase in specialisation in this research area. This allows us to customise risk reviews to the specific needs of each client.

Action-oriented reporting and advice

Insync's risk culture and risk management effectiveness reports assist the reader to immediately focus on the highest priority issues directing them towards the largest improvement opportunities. This ensures reports provide a clear pathway towards any remedial action required.

Our reports provide overall results highlighting issues that are systematic across the organisation. Segmented reporting highlights issues that are particular to a business unit or division. Results are debriefed by our research specialists with advice that draws upon experience from different clients and circumstances.

We also assist clients with focus groups and action planning workshops to maximise the benefits received from its surveys and reports.

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We've published a range of evidence-based research studies including our highly sought-after books: "  7 Business Habits that Drive High Performance", "GPS for your Organisation®: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance", "The best 101 ways to improve your board" and "Gender Agenda: Unlocking the power of diversity in the boardroom"

Nicholas Barnett, CEO of Insync, features in a Sky News interview with Carson Scott about Insync's board survey research "The best 101 ways to improve your board"

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