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Customers will often tell other people about your organisation's shortcomings long before they tell you. If your organisation relies on long term, high value relationships then a customer feedback survey should form part of your annual planning cycle.

The Insync Customer Engagement Lifecycle

With our survey, research and consulting services we help you understand how your customers feel throughout the customer engagement lifecycle.

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We also tailor customer surveys to work around your specific requirements and/or organisational guidelines. Typically, a well-planned and managed customer survey should take approximately 8-10 weeks.

Our customer survey range

We offer a variety of customer survey options.

Customer Pulse Survey

If you want short, sharp and regular customer feedback we can customise a customer survey for you. You can monitor your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a few other key areas quarterly or monthly more...

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our flagship online customer survey is based on our researched client experience framework. It provides a comprehensive overview of your client's opinions, your divisions and your account managers with survey transcripts. We can tailor the survey to be over the phone or as a customer pulse  more...

Membership Satisfaction Survey

A custom survey designed to monitor the satisfaction of your members. We work with you to gain the information you need to retain and increase your membership base more...

How a customer survey can help your organisation

Insync's customer surveys, research and consulting can help your organisation increase profitablility and growth by measuring customer perceptions of:

  • your products and services
  • their loyalty
  • their trust in you
  • commitment to your organisation

Unhappy clients will vote with their wallet and give you less business, or vote with their feet and leave you.

The panic surrounding the potential loss of a large client is often the impetus for a customer survey. However, a customer survey should be embedded in to the annual planning cycle for the following reasons:

  • a customer survey can help identify at risk clients and prevent significant financial loss
  • clients are best at identifying your strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • identifying clients at risk and fixing those issues can actually strengthen a client relationship
  • high client satisfaction levels are linked word of mouth driven business growth

Outcomes of your customer survey

Having a clear understanding of the outcomes from your customer survey project is very important.

You can expect the following from your customer survey project:

  • better decision making by being closer to the voice of your customers
  • more candid feedback by using a trusted third party to run your customer survey
  • a proven customer engagement and satisfaction framework that provides evidence for action

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