Measure customer experience to become truly customer-centric

We've heard it all before right? To be competitive and stay ahead of the game, organisations must be customer centric. Our research shows that listening and adapting to customers' needs is one of the business habits that differentiates high performance organisations from low performance ones.

Our experience also tells us that organisations must go beyond simply measuring customer experience (CX) and embed customer centricity into their organisational DNA until it becomes a way of life.

The development of a truly customer focused organisation requires a well-designed, evidence based CX program that helps drive accountability for key customer outcomes.

CX Measurement Framework

Insync works closely with clients to design their own individual CX Measurement Framework that incorporates the organisation's vision, CVP and strategy. The framework is built using input from both employees and customers and results from Customer Journey Mapping.

Statistical analysis determines which drivers are most important to customers and in particular, most important
to achieving the chosen KPIs (outcomes).

Our CX Measurement Framework combines insights from both employees and customers to provide a clear and simple roadmap for improving customer experience
and embedding customer centricity into organisational DNA.

This innovative approach engages people, drives action
and inspires success. Customer Experience framework button

CX Measurement Framework

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