Customer Journey Mapping

What is customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping illustrates the customer's journey along multiple touch points and is created from the customer's perspective. A Customer Journey Map (CJM) allows you to understand your customer's motivations and pain points.

Customer journey mapping allows you to structure various touch points in order to optimise the customer's experience and influence his/her decision-making process.

                              Customer Journey Mapping 

What are the benefits of customer journey mapping?

The process of segmenting a customer's journey into phases, assigning goals for each phase and ensuring that each customer touch point is in alignment with these goals allows for a better customer experience, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and retention levels, reduces churn and increases levels of customer advocacy. 

Customer journey mapping also has the following benefits:

  1. better understanding of the customer
  2. creates customer centricity across the organisation
  3. identifies critical opportunities to boost customer experience
  4. identifies issues in relation to CX and how to remedy them

What is involved with customer journey mapping?

We can take you through the entire customer journey mapping process, which involves:

  • creating buyer personas based on market research and real customer data
  • defining and following the most appropriate timeline for your customer journey mapping
  • defining and analysing each touch point when your customer interacts with your brand or organisation
  • determining which devices are involved during each customer interaction
  • taking into account your customers' different emotions at various touch points during their journey with you

How do I find out more?

To learn more about how customer journey mapping can improve your customer experience, chat to us today.

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