Customer Surveys and consulting

What is the Customer Survey?

Insync's flagship online Customer Survey uses an evidence based framework that measures not only customer satisfaction, but also customer engagement, loyalty and purchase intentions. The survey shows which customers are at risk of switching to other suppliers and which are most likely to increase their purchases and recommend you to others.

Our Customer Survey framework is based on leading academic research and measures:

  • your customers' EXPERIENCE
  • how your customers JUDGE your quality, service and pricing
  • how customers FEEL about your organisation, and
  • how customers will ACT in terms of advocacy and purchase behaviours. 

Customer survey framework

Our customer survey incorporates a Net Promoter Score* (or NPS), a well researched and accepted measure of customer advocacy.   

The customer survey can be tailored to suit your organisation's requirements and include custom survey items. It can be conducted online or over the phone, and can run at regular intervals as a customer pulse survey.

Why is it important to do a Customer Survey?

Unhappy clients will vote with their wallet and give you less business, or vote with their feet and move to another supplier. The impact of dissatisfied customers can be enormous:

  • Losing just one top customer can force cost-cutting or even redundancies
  • Mildly unhappy customers could be limiting your growth via negative word of mouth
  • Customer value can drop if unhappy customers allocate your organisation a lower share of their budget

Get close to your customers to find out how they run their budgets, whether your service is considered essential or discretionary, and how their internal politics favour or damage your chances of repeat sale. The customer survey is a perfect conversation starter. 

How can the Customer Survey help?

Reduced revenues from the loss of key customers is often the impetus for a customer survey. However, a customer survey should be embedded in to the annual planning cycle for the following reasons:

  • a customer survey can help identify at risk clients and prevent significant financial loss before it happens
  • clients are best at identifying your strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • identifying clients at risk and fixing those issues can actually strengthen a client relationship
  • high client satisfaction levels are linked word of mouth driven business growth

The customer survey report provides a comprehensive view to help your organisation make decisions around improving service quality, customer loyalty and advocacy. It highlights areas of strength and areas where improvements can be made. You can see which of your customers are likely to:

  • stay or switch
  • grow, repeat or reduce their spend

It also acts as a baseline against which to measure initiatives that will increase overall organisational performance.

What happens after the Customer Survey?

An experienced consultant will work with you from start to finish. The true benefit to your organisation comes with the actions you take as a result of the information that you uncover. 

We provide a full interpretation of the customer survey results and can also help with customer focus groups and subsequent customer pulse surveys. Action planning is critical to prioritise areas for improvement and change. Our consultants can guide or lead this process if required to ensure you get the most out of your organisation's improvement journey.

How can I learn more about the Customer Survey?

Contact us today to learn how our Customer Survey can help your organisation better understand your customers.


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* Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld