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What is a Customer Value Proposition?

A Customer Value Proposition is not just your brand name, product offering or a simple marketing statement. It is your customer's main perceptions of you based on a combination of everything you offer, how your customer experiences this offering and how you can differentiate this offering from your competitors.

From a customer's perspective, an effective CVP answers the question "which organisation can best meet my needs?"

Seeing the world through your customers' eyes is not easy and requires a significant shift in perspective away from a description of what you think your unique selling point is, e.g. we are the biggest, the cheapest, the fastest, to a description of the value you deliver to your customers.

Insync has developed a five step cycle to define and deliver a compelling CVP:

Customer Value Proposition five step cycle

The full CVP process is outlined in our paper Thriving in the age of the customer: how to discover and bring to life your customer value proposition.

Why is it important to understand your Customer Value Proposition?

Businesses and not for profits are facing an environment of unprecedented change and technological disruption. Few people would argue that survival depends on understanding and meeting the needs of customers.

There has been a massive shift in the balance of power from the supplier to the customer in recent years. There are three questions for boards and executives today:

  1. How will our products and services stand out?
  2. How will we differentiate and add extra value?
  3. Can our current competitive advantage be sustained?

How can Customer Value Proposition research help?

To be truly customer-centric, organisations need to define value from the customer's perspective. Defining and delivering a strong CVP will enable your organisation to deliver a customer experience that:

  • Meets their needs
  • Adds value
  • Results in high levels of loyalty and advocacy
  • Gives potential customers a compelling reason to choose you over others
  • Creates a real competitive advantage

Insync partners with clients to help them understand their CVP using the five step cycle outlined above with online surveys, in-depth phone interviews, customer and stakeholder focus groups, action planning sessions and CVP workshops.

We can help develop customer experience frameworks, market entry strategies, key customer profiles, customer charters or brand positioning strategies.

How can I learn more about Customer Value Proposition research and consulting?

Our paper,  Thriving in the age of the customer: how to discover and bring to life your customer value proposition, outlines the starting point of your journey to customer centricity -  defining value from the customer's perspective - and provides a practical "how to" guide for understanding customer needs in detail and defining value from their point of view.

Or Contact us to learn how our Customer Value Proposition research and consulting can help your organisation define and deliver a compelling CVP, and create a real competitive advantage.


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