Employee surveys & consulting

Insync provides a range of employee surveys backed by post survey implementation. We take your HR and/or leadership team from answers to action.

Insync's Employee Engagement Lifecycle

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Why do I need an employee survey?

Our employee surveys along with our research and consulting services help improve organisational performance by assessing what's happening in your organisation and pinpointing key improvement areas.

We can also tailor our employee surveys to work around your requirements and/or organisation guidelines. Typically, a well-planned and managed employee survey should take approximately 8-10 weeks.

To gain a competitive edge or to become more resilient, organisations use Insync to understand their strengths and recognise key improvement opportunities by adopting an employee survey in their annual planning cycle.


Alignment and Engagement Survey 

Enables organisations to focus on high alignment and employee engagement - the keys to sustainable high performance and resilience. This survey allows for an in-depth audit of the entire organisation from an employee perspective. The survey is founded on proven academic and statistical research such as Weiss and Molinaro's (2005) model of alignment and engagement.

Employee Engagement Survey 

A short, sharp and focused engagement survey. Best practice organisations use the employee engagement survey to get the most out of their workforce, improve team work, leadership, communication and to focus training and development resources. Engaged employees deliver greater value to their organisations.

Employee Opinion Survey 

Maps the gap between your employee's perception of performance and the expectations of your employees. Our Employee Opinion Survey provides your organisation with a measure of employee attitudes across a range of key cultural and performance factors.

Entry/Exit Survey and Exit Interviews 

Help reduce your employee turnover rates, control recruitment costs, reduce HR administration, and improve your induction processes. Designed by our own psychologists, we have a set of survey statements that are relevant to new employees' entry and induction. We also have a set of surveys statements for exiting employees that capture the main reasons behind their reasons for leaving.

360 Feedback Survey 

Help your leadership team focus on self-improvement in line with your organisation's competencies. Insync's 360 Degree Feedback Survey helps your leaders begin their journey of being the "best they can be" by building awareness. Self awareness and awareness of your impact on others provides valuable insight into how other people perceive a person's behaviour in the workplace. This is crucial feedback.

Safety Culture Survey

Insync's Safety Culture Survey has been designed to assess an organisation's overall commitment to safety. It looks at how the organisation approaches safety, educates staff, provides a psychologically safe workplace and has safety embedded within leadership practices (safety climate). It is focused on generating actionable data.


We can use one of our existing surveys or customise a survey solution to deliver on the following:

Employee Pulse Survey

Take the pulse of your employees' views quickly and efficiently with this short staff survey allowing you to respond to change or implement new initiatives


Employee Focus Groups 

Gain further insight into your staff survey results and inform action planning by gathering ideas from a select group of employees

We've worked with hundreds of clients to reach their employee survey goals, including:

  • sustainable high performance
  • improved resilience in tough economic times
  • high employee attraction and retention
  • improved workplace culture for a competitive edge
  • alignment and focus after significant change or restructuring
  • compliance for funding, audits or regulatory requirements

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