360 Feedback Survey

What is a 360 feedback survey?

Insync's 360 Degree Feedback Survey is a type of staff survey that  helps leaders improve self awareness. It compares their own perceptions of their leadership behaviours against those of their manager, peers and/or direct reports.

For some leaders the stark contrast between their self view and the honest evaluation of others can be very confronting. The sensitive nature of the process is the reason why organisations choose to partner with an independent specialist provider, such as Insync, rather than managing 360 feedback themselves.

Why conduct our 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

There are multiple reasons for conducting our 360 Degree Feedback Survey. It may be that:

  • you are seeking to develop your talent pool for succession planning
  • your exit interviews or employee surveys have suggested that leadership styles are varied and/or negative and are actively contributing to low engagement and/or staff turnover
  • the organisation's leadership framework needs a baseline, to understand what development training should occur

Whatever the reason for introducing the 360 Degree Feedback Survey, it is critical that the process is managed appropriately so that confronting feedback ultimately leads to positive behavioural change. Therefore, our philosophy is that:

  • it's better to use our 360 Degree Feedback Survey for developmental purposes, rather than as a performance management tool
  • each leader should receive a full and timely face-to-face debrief of their results so they can ask questions and understand the findings
  • the leader should own their results (in partnership with HR) so the impetus is on them to develop their own action plan

How does the Insync's 360 Degree Feedback Survey process work?

Our 360 Degree Feedback Survey process is completed in four stages:

  • pre survey- we work closely with your organisation to customise a 360 Degree Feedback Survey to reflect your organisation's unique leadership framework, stated values, competencies and aspirations
  • survey period- we conduct an online process that allows for response rates to be tracked and followed up in real time
  • analysis and reporting- we provide each participant with an individual, clear and concise report; we are also able to provide an aggregate data report for the organisation to assist with broader leadership strategies upon request
  • post survey feedback- we offer either one-on-one debriefs for each participant using our own experienced registered psychologists and consultants or a train-the-trainer session for HR/Senior Management in how to provide quality 360 Degree Feedback debriefs

What outcomes can the Insync 360 Degree Feedback Survey deliver?

When Insync undertakes our 360 Degree Feedback Survey, we are working to deliver clear and actionable feedback for both your organisation and each individual leader.

For the leader we aim to:

  • facilitate a private and confidential process that respects both the individual and the people they work with
  • provide a clear, easy to read report that highlights the areas where their perception differs from others
  • ensure they have a frank and supportive 360 feedback debriefing that sets them on the path to action

For your organisation we aim to:

  • facilitate a private and confidential process that enhances relationships between your employees and leaders
  • provide a roadmap for communicating and aligning individual behaviours with those encouraged by your organisation
  • quantify individual and collective leadership strengths and development areas to help you target spend, inform your change initiatives and maximise your return on investment

How can I learn more about Insync Surveys' 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

A discussion with Insync about your leadership framework and development needs is the best starting point for your 360 feedback process. Insync has a range of sample reports that we can provide to demonstrate how the 360 feedback is measured and communicated to participants.

Please contact us.

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