Culture assessment and development tool

What is the culture assessment and development tool?

Insync's culture assessment and development tool is an extensively researched framework that reviews an organisation's culture and determines whether the culture supports or hinders the organisation's strategic direction.

The framework (the Organisation Culture Assessment Instrument, developed by Cameron and Quinn) uses a unique rating scale that asks respondents to distribute a set number of points between competing culture types. This acknowledges that there will be trade-offs when defining an organisation's culture - it can't be flexible while also being bureaucratic.

Culture assessment and development tool framework

Why is it important to review our organisation's culture?

Culture has a huge impact on every facet of a business. It's incredibly important to get your culture right - just as important as getting your strategy right. Be deliberate about what type of culture you want and need in order to achieve your strategic plan.

We believe it is meaningless to review an organisation's culture as a standalone concept. Our approach is always to explicitly link a cultural diagnostic to the organisation's strategy and performance expectations.

If the current culture supports the organisation's strategy and makes it likely that performance expectations would be achieved, then it is a "good" culture and no change is required. If the culture does not support the strategy, then the chances of the strategy being successfully delivered are very low, and there will be a strong case for changing it.

How can the culture assessment and development tool help?

The culture assessment and development tool provides a complete view of how employees perceive the organisation's current culture and what kind of culture they believe is essential for achieving success. With a clear picture of your current culture versus your preferred culture, you can identify the gaps and work to bridge these with a well-considered action plan. The action plan should include:

  • What are the priority improvement areas?
  • Do our vision, mission and values support our chosen culture?
  • How should we roll out our newly defined culture?
  • How do we ensure the culture is articulated and embedded into everyday practice?

What happens after the culture assessment and development review?

It's incredibly important to ensure the new culture is articulated and embedded so it becomes "the way things are done around here".

We offer a range of consulting services including action planning, interactive focus groups, train the trainer workshops, and additional reporting, debriefs and presentations.

Action planning is critical to prioritise areas for improvement and change. Our consultants can guide or lead this process if required to ensure you get the most out of your organisation's improvement journey.

How can I learn more about the culture assessment and development tool?

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