Employee Alignment and Engagement Survey

What is the Alignment and Engagement Survey?

Insync's Alignment and Engagement Survey is a leading edge tool that helps organisations achieve sustainable high performance.

The survey is based on our extensively researched and validated Alignment and Engagement framework that demonstrates how employee alignment and engagement leads to sustainable high performance. 

Alignment and engagement framework

By measuring employee responses to eight high performance factors, the Alignment and Engagement Survey identifies the level of employee alignment with the organisation's strategic goals, the level of employee engagement and exactly what is driving employee engagement.

Core survey items are benchmarked against our extensive database. The survey takes employees approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Why is it important to do an Alignment and Engagement Survey?

For organisations to be competitive, innovative, productive and focused on growth, their employees must be energised, enabled and engaged. Employee alignment and engagement has a significant impact on key performance indicators, such as:

How can the Alignment and Engagement Survey help?

The true value of using Insync's Alignment and Engagement Survey is the ability to identify alignment and engagement and its drivers within a highly robust and valid framework, while having the ability to customise, remove and add items to ensure the research is fit for purpose. The Alignment and Engagement Survey identifies:

  • whether employee engagement or alignment is a higher priority for improvement
  • areas of strength to be leveraged
  • areas and drivers for improvement, whether it be a particular department, location or role
  • areas to measure in the future with tools such as focus groups or a pulse survey
  • confidence to drive strategic change, and
  • benchmarked results that show whether problem areas are industry-wide or specific to your organisation.

You will receive industry-specific insights and actionable advice that will make a real difference to your organisation.

Comprehensive reports for HR professionals and executives highlight key themes and improvement areas with recommended actions and next steps.

Simple, colour coded, action oriented summary reports empower line managers to get the best out of their teams.

What happens after the Alignment and Engagement Survey?

We offer a range of consulting services including action planning, interactive focus groups, train the trainer workshops, and additional reporting, debriefs and presentations.

Action planning is critical to prioritise areas for improvement and change. Our consultants can guide or lead this process if required to ensure you get the most out of your organisation's improvement journey.

How can I learn more about the Alignment and Engagement Survey?

Contact us today to learn how the Alignment and Engagement Survey can help your organisation achieve sustainable high performance.



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