Sustainable high performance

What is sustainable high performance?

Our approach to sustainable high performance is based on the contribution of organisational alignment and employee engagement to the achievement of an organisation's goals.

The individual concepts of organisational alignment and employee engagement are well researched and accepted, but bringing the two theories together has not been so widely investigated.

Insync's alignment and engagement framework and survey is based on the work of Weiss and Molinaro (2005), who integrated alignment and engagement in a grid-based model. They proposed that leaders should integrate the alignment and engagement of employees to achieve positive results. They identified four types of organisations based on both successful and unsuccessful incorporation of alignment and engagement in organisations.

What is a high performing organisation?

For all organisations, being good at what they do is both a matter of pride and of necessity. However some organisations strive even higher, aiming to be the best in their industry, the biggest in their market, the employer of choice, and give their shareholders the best financial returns. These are known as high performance organisations.

And for high performance organisations to survive beyond the good times, it is critical that they aspire to achieve sustainable high performance. That is that they "achieve financial and non-financial results better than those of its peer group over a longer period of time by adapting well to changes and reacting quickly, by managing for the long term, by setting up an integrated and aligned management structure, by continuously improving its core capabilities and by truly treating the employees as its main asset" (De Waal, 2007).

Characteristics of a high performing organisation

Our ground-breaking research "The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance" identified seven behaviours of high performance organisations:

  1. Live an inspiring vision
  2. Communicate clear strategies and goals
  3. Develop your people
  4. Go out of your way to recognise your people
  5. Genuiunely care for your people
  6. Listen and adapt to your customers' needs
  7. Continually improve your systems

These seven habits are the main things that high performance organisations do month after month and year after year no matter what the circumstances. They are what most differentiate high performance organisations from low performance organisations. To be truly considered as habits they must be so deeply engrained into the culture and DNA of the organisation that they become its way of life.

How can organisations achieve sustainable high performance?

Insync's Alignment and Engagement Survey is a leading edge tool that measures an organisation's alignment and engagement to provide an assessment of high performance. Best practice organisations take the time to measure where they're at with the survey, delve deeper into issues with employee focus groups, prioritise and implement improvement initiatives and then reassess in six or twelve months' time with another survey to see how much they've improved.

How can I learn more about sustainable high performance?

Contact us today to learn how your organisation can aspire to achieve sustainable high performance.



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