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What is the Employee Engagement Survey?

Insync's Employee Engagement Survey is a powerful tool that helps organisations measure and improve employee engagement. Employee engagement is a critical requirement for achieving sustainable high performance.

Insync's model of employee engagement, based on extensive experience and research, measures engagement on an emotional, cognitive and behavioural level.

Our 20 core survey items are benchmarked against a database with over 250,000 employee responses. The Employee Engagement Survey takes five minutes to complete.

Employee Engagement scan
The scan shows an organisation's own results and benchmark ranking in a snapshot.

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Why is it important to do an Employee Engagement Survey?

High performing organisations have engaged workforces. Their employees are highly motivated, work hard and promote the organisation to others.

Increasing employee engagement impacts many key business performance indicators:

A disengaged workforce is not only counterproductive, it can cripple an organisation's performance.

How can the Employee Engagement Survey help?

The Employee Engagement Survey answers three critical questions:

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • What is driving their engagement?
  • How can you increase engagement?

You will receive industry-specific insights and actionable advice that will make a real difference to your organisation.

Comprehensive reports for HR professionals and executives highlight key themes and improvement areas with recommended actions and next steps.

Simple, colour coded, action oriented summary reports empower line managers to get the best out of their teams.

Following the survey, action planning is critical to prioritise areas for improvement and change. We can guide or lead this process if required to ensure you get the most out of your employee engagement improvement journey.

We can also help with train the trainer consulting, focus groups, additional reporting, debriefs and presentations.

How can I learn more about the Employee Engagement Survey?

Contact us today to learn how you can improve employee engagement and overall organisational performance.



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