Employee focus Groups

What is an employee focus group?

Insync's focus groups are structured workshops with a group of your employees. Typically, our focus groups are used by HR or management following your staff survey or employee survey to drill down into specific issues and to brainstorm ideas for improvement. However, focus groups can also be used pre staff survey to highlight themes for investigation in your upcoming employee survey. There is scope to include Focus Groups in all employee survey or staff survey projects.


  • focus groups are a resource efficient way of generating information that is specific, relevant and actionable
  • the dynamic of the group discussion generates rich information, as participants' insights encourage others to open up and share their ideas and perspectives
  • focus groups provide information directly from your employees who can provide insights about actual conditions and situations
  • your Insync facilitator extracts diverse employee opinions and ideas and is viewed as being independent, encouraging staff to talk more openly

How do focus groups work?

One of Insync's registered psychologist or research expert moderates your session, rather than a free-flowing discussions. Beforehand, we work with you to create the agenda and to plan the session. This allows for a range of discussion points to be covered, ensures all participants have a voice and encourages employees to think about issues from different angles. We stick to an agreed time schedule, record employees' feedback and report on the findings. We can also offer staff anonymity in reporting if this is desired.

As an example, with your staff survey or employee survey, Focus Groups can add value at four stages of your research process:




Pre survey

To brainstorm or test open ended questions

To make sure your survey covers the issues specific to your organisation or marketplace

Post survey, pre reporting

To bring survey data to life

Fleshing out and validation of survey results

Pre action planning

To inform action planning

Specific investigation of key  factors/items

Post action planning (3-6 months later)

To test and refine action planning initiatives

The factors/items that formed the basis of action planning

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