Employee Pulse Survey

Employee pulse surveys are designed to take snapshots of employee opinions. Unlike full surveys, employee pulse surveys are more cost effective and time efficient. 

Whether you want to measure employee engagement, or gain feedback about new systems and processes, the employee pulse survey can be customised to meet your needs. 

It's a quick survey that can be conducted frequently using the same questions. This means employees can provide valuable feedback on a regular basis.

Employee pulse survey

The employee pulse survey is the perfect tool to quickly identify areas most in need of improvement without committing to a full employee survey.

Our registered psychologists and research experts will help you structure your survey, gain the maximum response rate, and understand your results.

With the help of benchmarking, employee pulse surveys provide advance warning of problems so your organisation can act quickly.

You can survey all employees or select a sample depending on required outcomes. You can focus on points of the business across or within specific areas to identify where improvement is needed most.


Our core purpose is to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance. We offer a number of core consulting services, including action planning to interactive focus groups.

Insync's registered psychologists and research experts have the knowledge and experience to help organisations become more effective. We work with all our clients from start to finish to ensure projects are successful.

Our research project managers provide insights based on their technical and industry experience that guide post survey improvement initiatives.

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