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What is an Employee Value Proposition?

An  Employee Value Proposition (EVP) states what the organisation offers an employee in return for their contribution. From an employee's perspective, an effective EVP answers the question of "what's in it for me?".

Why is it important to have an Employee Value Proposition?

A strong EVP will drive talent attraction and retention. Your EVP should sum up the essence of your brand, authentically reflecting who you are and what you offer as an employer. It should be created with the same care and effort as your Customer Value Proposition (CVP).

Most organisations we work with recognise the significance of an EVP but haven't actually defined one. Where organisations do have an EVP, many do not actively refer to it or embed it into their business practices. 

We can partner with your organisation to develop an EVP plan, conduct EVP focus groups and to help you win executive and staff support of your EVP project. We can then test your EVP to ensure it is credible and having the desired effect on employee engagement, diversity within the workplace and on a customer-centric culture.

How can I learn more about creating a Employee Value Proposition?

We recommend a five step cycle for articulating and implementing a great EVP. These steps don't necessarily have a specific start or end point - jump in where you think your organisation is up to.EVP Cycle

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