Organisation Alignment Survey

Insync's Organisation Alignment Survey has been updated and improved. The new version is called the Alignment and Engagement Survey.

The  Organisation Alignment Survey is a staff survey and it's still available to organisations that are familiar with the tool. Clients who use the Organisation Alignment Survey may be going through significant leadership changes or may be adapting to new market pressures. They use the employee Organisation Alignment Survey to take stock and devise the best path for a sustainable high performance future.

Why have an aligned workforce?

Poor levels of organisation alignment can lead to:

  • employee confusion
  • frustration
  • resentment
  • reduced capacity to accept change
  • low levels of job satisfaction and outputs
  • poor performance

Organisation Alignment Survey

The employee Organisation Alignment Survey deals with areas that are important for high performance organisations. Alignment ensures employees can connect their day-to-day performance with the success of your organisation.

This staff survey measures the alignment of an organisation's vision, strategy and culture against employee actions, behaviours and outcomes.

Key benefits include:

  • drive higher productivity through a shared focus on organisation strategy and objectives
  • increase levels of employee confidence in the organisation's future
  • increase organisation capacity to embrace change
  • enhance employee satisfaction
  • create a path to achieve high organisational performance.

Our framework

The Organisation Alignment Survey is based on Insync's C3 Organisation Alignment Framework™. We developed this framework over 10 years. It enables measurement, analysis and improvement in the three areas critical for strategic alignment: Clarity, Consistency, and Commitment.

  1. Clarity - How well does your organisation energise staff?
  2. Consistency - How well does your organisation execute strategy?
  3. Commitment - How well does your organisation engage its staff?


Our core purpose is to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance. We offer a number of core consulting services, including action planning to interactive focus groups.

Insync's registered psychologists and research experts have the knowledge and experience to help organisations become more effective. We work with all our clients from start to finish to ensure projects are successful.

Our research project managers provide insights based on their technical and industry experience that guide post survey improvement initiatives.


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