Safety Climate Survey - Healthcare

The goal of measuring safety climate is to continuously seek ways to minimise patient harm which may result from the processes of healthcare delivery. This goal mirrors a dynamic, conscious culture of safety in which actions are taken towards reducing harm or risk to the patient.

Our highly-regarded Safety Climate Survey (SCS) provides you with feedback on your hospital's safety climate as viewed by your staff across the following 6 key areas:

  • Safety Climate
  • Teamwork Climate
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Perceptions of Management
  • Stress Recognition
  • Work Conditions

Clinical governance is, at its core, about being accountable for providing good, safe care.  Good clinical governance makes certain there is accountability and creates a "just" culture that is able to embrace reporting and support improvement. Insync's SCS provides a means to measure and report on one very important aspect of a clinical governance framework - that of safety climate.

Development of our proprietary SCS commenced in February 2009 in response to a request from the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) and the Victorian Quality Council (VQC). It was piloted in 2010 at six public hospitals consisting of a mix of rural, regional and metropolitan hospitals. Since then it has been conducted in two further waves at an expanded group of hospitals in 2012 and 2014.

We have now been providing research services to the healthcare industry for well over a decade. Experienced in providing tailored research services and valuable insights into sectors such as hospital, pharmacy and a wide variety of specialist areas, we are a prominent research provider to primary  healthcare organisations in Australia. Working with the VMIA and Quality Council we offer our Safety Climate Survey with two programme options:

Option 1: Insync-Managed

  • An online survey with secure access
  • Management of email invitations, and reminders
  • Provision of survey enquiry line
  • Analysis and hard copy report
  • Full online reporting, allowing additional cross referencing
  • Additional options also available

Option 2: Insync-Assisted

  • Data management and analysis
  • Preparation of tailored reports with benchmarking

Benefits To Management

  • Identifies key areas of strength
  • Identifies emerging issues and areas for further development
  • Contributes to a positive relationship between management and staff
  • Provides a means to measure the goals of the clinical governance framework
  • Provides a measure of job satisfaction, safety climate and other domains, enabling managers to target areas for improvement

Benefits To Staff

  • Gives staff the opportunity to have their say
  • Provides staff with opportunities to improve their job satisfaction
  • Contributes towards a safe environment for patients and staff
  • Reported as de-identified data, all responses are confidential - staff feel comfortable providing honest and comprehensive feedback

Benefits To Patients

  • Improves processes of healthcare delivery
  • Contributes to minimising patient harm

Safety Climate Survey Under The Microscope

Insync's Safety Climate Survey draws on the University of Texas' Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ). The SAQ has been adapted for use in intensive care units, operating rooms, ambulatory clinics, pharmacies, maternityand general in-patient settings. The survey measures healthcare safety within the framework of systems and contextual factors in which errors and adverse events occur. It measures the six factors, as outlined above.