Vision, purpose and values consulting

Insync can help organisations:

  1. envision, develop and communicate inspiring statements of your organisation's direction, purpose and values (most commonly referred to as your vision, mission and value statements)
  2. embed your vision, mission and values in all your organisation's actions, thinking, culture and DNA so that it becomes a way of life
  3. measure the extent to which your plans, actions, culture and messaging are aligned with your vision, mission and values and the extent to which your employees are engaged

Nicholas Barnett, Insync's CEO, wrote a book titled, "GPS for your Organisation: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance". It is a practical guide to help company boards, CEOs and leadership teams add clarity and gain ongoing buy-in to their organisation's long-term direction, purpose and values. It will also add focus and urgency to their strategic and business plans.

The book shows readers how they can develop, communicate and embed their own Guidance and Positioning Statements (GPS or vision, mission and values) into their organisation's culture, messaging and DNA. This will energise employees and help build sustainable high performance. Insync uses the definitions, framework, processes and templates included in the book to assist organisations achieve steps 1 and 2 above.

The process can be applied to all types and sizes of organisations from start-ups to well-established organisations and also to subsidiaries and divisions of large organisations.

Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level, wrote the Foreword to the book. In it he said:

"Thanks, Nicholas, for teaching us about the power of Guidance and Positioning Statements. With the clarity of an effective organisational GPS, we can all be more successful as leaders in creating high performing organisations".

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