Develop and communicate your mission statement

Insync Surveys will assist you develop your mission statement (or GPS) which will include new discoveries and fresh insights by people with an open mind. Insync Surveys will work with you to lead the process to ensure you get those fresh insights and the full benefit from the process.

As Insync Surveys helps you keep your group open to new ideas and new ways of expressing complex matters in simple ways, you will see that the benefits are immeasurable. Insync Surveys will help you and your people to develop three mission statements with as few words as practicable that will guide all your organisation's main plans, decisions, actions and messaging for the next three to five years.

The main inputs to this development stage will often include:

  • Your leadership team's responses to important questions which reflect the essence of your organisation's proposed strategic and business plans - we recommend that they respond to the preparatory questions at
  • Surveys of the opinions and views of employees, customers and other stakeholders in relation to strategic issues including what makes the organisation different or special
  • The results of focus groups, brainstorming sessions and other input from representative groups of employees

Insync Surveys recommends involving all employees in at least some of the above activities as this will pay significant dividends through their greater buy-in once your mission statement has been rolled out. All employees should be kept informed of the timetable for the main steps in the process, including where they or their representatives will be involved.

Insync Surveys recommends doing several drafts of your mission statement, improving and making your drafts briefer and clearer each time. Discussion, debate and continual refinement of your drafts will ensure clarity is achieved.

As your mission statement becomes the foundation stone for your strategic plan and will shape and form your organisation's culture and DNA and guide all the main actions, decisions and behaviours of all your people, a significant investment of time, money and effort in developing and communicating it will pay dividends for years to come.

Insync Surveys can help you design a communication process that could include posters, cards, imagery, video clips and other multimedia. Your organisation's vision, mission and values can be printed on cards the size of a business card for all staff. The communication process is also likely to include appropriate stories and examples to reinforce parts of your mission statement.