Embed and align your mission statement

The mission statement development and communication process is just the beginning. Insync Surveys helps organisations to embed their mission statement into their organisation's culture and DNA and make it part of its everyday language and thinking to ensure that all plans, projects, decisions, actions, behaviours and messaging are aligned with and easily linked to your mission statement.

This takes a significant effort and commitment from the leadership team. Your mission statement needs to be even more at the top of their minds than for other employees. Once they get in the rhythm, it will become part of the way they think and act and a normal part of their messaging.

Insync Surveys will explain how bringing your mission statement to life may require changes and updates to your organisation's systems and processes, including your induction, recognition and performance management systems.

Insync Surveys encourages employees to speak to customers about their organisation's mission statement and include appropriate references in proposals, tenders and the like. Some organisations list their Core Values on the back of their business cards. Your mission statement can also be clearly articulated on your website and in other appropriate brochures and documentation.

Insync Surveys emphasizes that every reasonable opportunity should be taken by management to relate current projects, plans and decisions back to their organisation's mission statement. This will involve management explaining why the particular projects and plans are essential if the organisation's vision and mission are to be achieved.