Measure the impact of your mission statement

Insync surveys can help you measure the clarity of your mission statement and the extent to which it has been embedded into your organisation's culture and DNA. This will rarely be uniform, particularly when the organisation is geographically diverse. This emphasizes the importance of ensuring:

  • leaders right across the organisation buy into and have the same understanding of your organisation's vision, mission and values
  • the organisation's vision, mission and values has the same meaning to all employees
  • leaders take responsibility for fully embedding their vision, mission and values across the organisation with strong employee buy-in

Insync Surveys believes that the best way a board, CEO and leadership team can determine, on an objective basis, how well their mission statement is understood across their organisation. We can look at the extent to which your leaders are committed to your direction and how well it has been embedded into the organisation's culture and DNA. We will conduct Insync Surveys Employee Alignment and Engagement Survey.

The Insync Surveys' reports that flow from the survey can be used to identify areas of excellence which should be celebrated and leveraged across the rest of the organisation to the extent possible.

Insync Surveys can also help you develop an action plan with appropriate initiatives to address the areas where improvements are required. Some improvement initiatives are likely to apply to the whole organisation and others just to specific segments. Responsibilities should be allocated and timeframes set for all improvement initiatives.