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We offer a range of board, committee and individual director reviews that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Our expertise and experience includes carrying out and overseeing almost 200 board and committee surveys and evaluations for large ASX corporations, private companies, government entities and not-for-profit organisations.

Gender diversity

Insync, in conjunction with its specialist division,  Gender Worx, has created one of Australia's leading consultancies in gender diversity measurement and change.

Despite 40 years focussing on equal opportunity and diversity initiatives, most organisations continue to have very low levels of representation of women in senior leadership positions. Neither equal opportunity legislation nor significant gender diversity investment by organisations have created the changes sought.

Many organisations fail to get the full value from their senior female talent. They continue to lose far too many well-trained, experienced and competent female employees before they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This comes at an enormous cost to organisations and society.

The business case for gender diversity is strong. Recent research reveals where there are more women at the top of organisations, they're likely to be better places to work and organisational performance and profitability is increased.

How can organisations gain benefits of gender diversity?

We're always questioning why women are so underrepresented in most senior leadership positions and on boards, when they are so well represented at lower levels. What are the impediments to the retention of excellent female talent in organisations?

We assist organisations to answer these important questions by using an approach that is characterised by four core principles:

  1. Evidence-based
  2. Collaborative
  3. Change-oriented
  4. Strategic

1. Evidence-based

Rigorous evidence is fundamental to our work. We focus on turning the evidence from applied research and analysis into practical strategies and tools that build organisational gender diversity capability. Our rigorous organisation-wide Gender Diversity Survey is based on the best available evidence from Australian and global research. It is supported by a comprehensive white paper which presents the research evidence that supports each survey question. The employee survey presents you with the evidence of the unconscious biases, gender beliefs and perceptions in your organisation. It identifies areas of strength and clarifies where and what the gaps are. A sound measurement basis provides a strong lever for change.

Our  Gender Diversity Survey framework and the framework we use for our  action planning and consulting are supported by over a decade of evidence of what is required to bring about transformational change in organisations.

2. Collaborative

A collaborative mindset underpins our interaction with you. We will ensure we understand your specific challenges and objectives and tailor our approach to your circumstances. Gender dynamics are sensitive and powerful, and our engagement with you comes from a position of respect and sensitivity to your issues and your needs. All discussions are highly confidential and oriented to your situation.

3. Change oriented

We bring a strong focus on changing for the better, creating the opportunity for your organisation to make real progress in gender diversity. Our unconscious bias training, our workshops, focus groups and gender diversity survey report in conjunction with the advice from our specialist consultants, will identify the levers that will give you the greatest change impact.

4. Strategic

Our specialist consultants identify your organisation's key strategic leadership, culture, talent and performance challenges from a gender diversity perspective. This provides you with the opportunity to attune your future strategies, targets and goals, calibrating them to achievements and gaps identified in analysis of your organisation whether by using our gender diversity survey or otherwise. Over time, you will be able to measure your progress, and make adjustments to ensure your desired future is achieved.

To achieve sustainable change, our work with you targets unconscious biases and beliefs, because the evidence tells us that they lie at the heart of change. Central to achieving better gender representation is an examination of the gender beliefs and biases underpinning all organisational leadership decisions and behaviour. Beneath the visible layers of gender diversity programs and leadership attitudes and behaviour, it is these unconscious biases and beliefs that govern action. Our work with you makes these biases and beliefs transparent, and offers the opportunity for conscious decisions about which beliefs provide organisational value, and which ones prevent change.

About Gender Worx

Gender Worx is a specialist gender diversity practice. They are thought leaders, experts and consultants to organisations in gender diversity measurement and change. They are dedicated to unlocking the potential of women at work and helping make organisations better places to work, more productive and profitable. They do this by providing an evidence based organisation-wide survey, supported by consulting.

Gender Worx provides consulting expertise to assist you to achieve better gender diversity outcomes. They work with you to design and implement diversity strategies and tactics that start from where you are at now, and provide momentum for your forward journey.

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